Class Associations

These are the UK class associations and variety of catamarans available in the UK.

A Class
The fastest single handed catamaran with a hotly contested World Championship each year. It is a development class which is now becoming foil borne. It has strong support in Australia, New Zealand and the USA as well as in Europe.
The only catamaran you can conveniently put on the top of your car. The award winning design includes a wishbone boom, inflatable hulls and a canting rig.
Dart 18
The Dart 18 is the most popular two handed catamaran in the UK, but it can also be sailed single handed. A strong UK organisation provides hotly contested championships and an exhausting social scene.
The F16 is a box rule class which incorporates a number of designs, including the Viper, the Falcon and the Nacra 16. Any 16 foot catamaran which meets certain length beam sail area and weight parameters can race as an F16.
The F18 is a box rule class which incorporates the Hobie Tiger, the Wildcat, the Nacra Infusion and many more 18 footers. It is a major international class which has been popular among some of the World’s top cat sailors. Its 2013 World Championships in Italy attracted 183 entries from 29 countries.
The Hobie cat comes in all different shapes and sizes and is the ultimate beach catamaran used at many sailing holiday locations.
Hurricane 5.9
Fast, Fun and Affordable. These two man two trapeze 20 foot catamarans were developed from the Tornado with a narrower beam so they can be trailed assembled. They were built by White Formula to last and they still have a good following in the UK with a strong class association.
Nacra are a catamaran manufacturer with boats all over the World. They have a range of cats available including the Nacra 17, the Olympic catamaran for mixed crews.
Nacra 17
The latest offering from Nacra which has been chosen for the 2016 Olympics. Slightly smaller than the F18 to accommodate the requirement for mixed sex crews, it incorporates curved foils which allow it to skim the water. A top class international racing circuit is developing in preparation for the 2016 Olympics.
A single handed catamaran with Spinnaker designed by Yves Loday and produced by White Formula.
An early two man catamaran design which retains an enthusiastic following. The only catamaran to use a symmetric spinnaker, it is well suited to those who enjoy occasional open meetings with a strong social life.
A 16 foot catamaran produced by White Formula and used by the UKCRA Youth squad.
Sprint 15
The most popular UK single handed catamaran with a strong class association and large turnouts at its National Championship.
Tornado Class
The Tornado was the Olympic multihull from the 1960's until 2008. The design is now highly developed with a spinnaker and two trapezes. Still a competitive boat against newer boats on the market today.